Chandeliers Design

Chandelier design ideas at dental clinic.

Surroundings of an individual are known to influence him or her in many ways. Neighboring things are considered as one of the most influential things on earth. People tend to behave and function differently in different environments. On one hand, favorable surroundings can lead to miracleswhile on the other, negative neighboring can lead to terrible results.Interior r us has got countless amazingly creative Chandeliers ideas for office fit outs in Dubai to help their clients choose the best amongst all. Considering the crucial effects of surroundings, people tend to own the best and the most positive around them be it in their homes or their offices.

Why Chandeliers are important?

There are many things to be considered under surroundings especially the interiors of the places you spend most of your time in. Traditionally, people spend most of their time either at their workplace or in their homes. So, the interiors of both these places have a lot to do in our lives. Apart from many other things, Chandeliers are the most noteworthy feature of any interior – be it your home or your office. Chandeliers are important for the following reasons –

  • Chandeliers own the power to transform entire look and feel of the place and hence are quite influential when it comes to surroundings or interiors.
  • The kind of light emitted by a Chandelier is known to have great effects on people’s minds and body. It can improve many things and hence is able to deliver considerable positive results.
Chandeliers Design

                  Chandeliers Design

One should ensure best interiors for both – his or her workplace as well as his or her house at all costs and ‘Interior r us’ is the perfect partner to ensure the same. Interior r us is amongst the leading Dubai based interior decorator firms

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Interior Design Courses Dubai

Which interior design course should you opt for in Dubai?

Aspiring to be an Interior Designer? Here are some Interior Design courses available in Dubai catering to your needs

Manipal University

Manipal University located at Dubai Academic City, provides Interior Design certificate courses for its aspirants. The courses offered provide holistic development to the students by providing them exposure to the fundamentals from all perspectives.

If you are an enthusiast eager to learn and experience the sole realms of interior design then the BA Interior Design Course is what you have been looking for. The course spans over 3 years providing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Interior designing. The course aims to teach the students the creation of much needed balance between humans and the buildings they interact with.

If you want to design and create architectural marvels as well as design its interiors then Bachelor of Architecture is the course you are looking for. The course aims at providing the students with a wider perspective into the man made realm. The students are encouraged to design buildings that co-exist with nature.

Interior Design Courses Dubai

           Interior Design Courses Dubai

If you are a designer at heart and have a keen eye in creating artistic harmony in interiors, then the degree you are looking for is Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Interior Design. The three year course with specialization option in Business Management and Product design available in the 3rd year helps students nurture their skills in the direction they choose upon.

The University provides placements in top companies like Natuzzi, Aeda Interiors, and IKEA.

To know more follow the link –


  • Heriot Watt University

Heriot Watt University provides BA (Hons) degree in Interior Design. The duration of the course is 4 years. The students are provided with opportunities to grow creatively under an able environment. The programme is

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Online Marketing Strategy for hotels.

Everything in the world is going online now. It is the age of digitisation. Even the bookings in hotels are done online. Some hotels in Dubai are using various techniques to make them a popular brand name among customers. Some cheap hotels in Dubai use various online marketing strategies. A lot of employees and interns are hired to promote hotels through online social networking sites.

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a technique used by various promoters to increase the popularity of brands using social networking sites as a main tool. The content is written indicating how good the product or service of the company is and it is shared so much that it reaches out to each and every individual in the social media. Simply put, circulating messages that promote a good image of the company. It’s easy too and reaps many benefits.

Strategies used by hotels

For hotels, the content writers write how good the services of hotels are or how good the hotel is and paste it on various websites like a blog. The best strategy to promote online marketing is to spread messages on social networking and messaging apps. For example: To promote cheap hotels in Dubai, several promoters use words like how it is pocket friendly to your budget and how it provides you the perfect service you can ever find in Dubai. The content can be circulated in groups or individually to promote a good image of the hotel.  

How effective is this?

It is a very effective option for the companies to do marketing online as it is not only cheap, but can reach across several people. Nowadays, each and every person uses social networking sites unless and until one is living under a rock. A friend of one may market

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Name few best doctors for weight loss surgery in Dubai

People with obesity and overweight suffer a lot in life and though regular exercising and following a healthy diet can help to a great extent, however, there are some cases where people may need to opt for a weight loss surgery. Such cases have become quite common in Dubai and people from different countries are now coming all the way to Dubai because of the increasing popularity for gastric balloon procedure in Dubai. However, it is important that you the best place and the best surgeon in town to treat you.

There are a lot of health clinics and hospitals in that offer gastric balloon surgery in Dubai. But before getting the procedure done, you need to do some research and find out about the best doctor for gastric balloon procedure so you don’t face any health complications during or after the surgery. Here are some of the best doctors and clinics for you to consult if you’re planning to go for a weight loss surgery or gastric balloon procedure in Dubai:

Dr. Girish Juneja

Dr. Juneja is one of the most popular bariatric surgeons in Dubai. He is well skilled and experienced in different procedures for weight loss. A well qualified professional in the field of Bariatric Surgery, Dr Juneja also has a significant number of successful cases of gastric balloon procedures. Contact him to get the best treatment to lose weight. You can call or WhatsApp him at +971 50 546 0715 between 2:00 to 6:00 pm to get a Free Consultation.

Dr. Saleh Clinic

He is a well known Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai and he is well experienced in the field too. His clinic is at Al Razi Building, Number 64, Bloc C, 4th floor – Unit 4011. Contact him for gastric balloon procedure.

Canadian Specialist Hospital

Interior design Dubai

How to choose a right fit out company in UAE.

When it comes to choosing the right fit out company to furnish their requirements, almost everyone gets their tension high. Well, it is quite important task because once you choose the right fit-out company that fulfills all your needs then you can happily focus on other functionalities. With so many fit out companies starting every day, interior decorators in Dubai say that it is important to find the company that has expertise in dealing with your specifications and requirements.Click Here

So how can you find the right fit-out company that can cater to all of your office needs? This is what interior decorators in Dubai suggest you to do:

Always go for a company which has expertise in all the aspects of office fit outs

There are some industries which gain better by selecting specialists to do their work, this doesn’t always work well. Majority of businesses and companies start with a blank slate, some wish to renovate their existing space, some wish to have a new design for their new offices and hence, interior decorators in Dubai suggest companies and individuals to choose companies with experience and expertise in all aspects of fit outs. Choosing a fit-out company that masters in all aspects will give you many options to choose from.

Interior design Dubai

                        Interior fit out company

Find out if they have clear understanding of data and cabling

Leading interior decorators in Dubai explain that fit outs are not just about interior design or getting the latest furniture. They add that a major part of fit outs’ work is dealing with data and cables. Representatives of fit out companies have to be well-versed with all the technicalities and they should ensure that the place functions well. If data and cabling are left incomplete, then people getting them done may run

Interior designers Dubai

Tips To hang Cabinets.

Cabinets are an integral part of a house. They are extensively used to store articles or showcase them. Cabinets come in different ranges and sizes. They also come for specific places such as kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet etc. they transform the getup of your home. But it is rightly said, everything has a price. People often complain of finding the installation cumbersome.

Having trouble in setting up the cabinets?? Call out interior design companies in Dubai, UAE for the required help. Here are some tips from these experienced parties that will make your work smooth.

Wall cabinets

  • First and foremost, locate the bottom line of the wall cabinet. The general mistake done is with the alignment.
  • Before fixing any wall cabinet always start by attaching a straight 1×4 ledger at the desired bottom line. The standard is    54 inches from the bottom of the wall. This helps support the cabinet while it is being hanged.
  • While installing, remove the door to lighten the cabinet. Do not forget to locate the stud locations previously.
  • It is best to begin with a corner or from left if you don’t have a corner.
  • Shimming using filler strips may be necessary in some cases to close any gap occurring between the face of the cabinet and the wall. The top does not matter because even if it is a little taller the crown is going to cover it. Make sure the cabinet and the filler strip are even at the bottom.
  • Three clamps one each at the top middle and bottom are must to hold the two parts of cabinets together without any space left between them.
  • It is advised not to use an adhesive. Instead just screw the two parts. The two joined parts must feel like a single piece of wood.

Dubai web design

Ways to convert your static website into the dynamic content management system.

In the current times it is quite common to see promotion and advertisement of a business through the medium of Internet. There are several tools that have been worked up for the purpose of advertising a business online. Of all the mediums, the most common one and also widely used one is promotional website. Website design companies in Dubai are showing a special inclination to convert static websites to dynamic ones. Websites are usually categorized into two different types: dynamic websites and static websites and each of the categories have different features. Here, we will discuss on how to convert static websites into dynamic ones.

Before starting off with the process of conversion, one needs to know the need for conversion of static website to a dynamic one.

Let us first start off with the definition of the two types:

Dynamic website:

The definition of a dynamic website can be identified from its name itself. It means that all types of dynamic websites can be updated at regular intervals. Dynamic websites are built with many advanced features that are quite interactive in nature.

Static Website:

The word static means something that is motionless, that means when static websites are once created then they can’t be changed. They have to remain the way they are and any edited can be done only with the help of special editors that are template or text based.

Dubai web design

                Web design Company Dubai

The steps for converting static site to a dynamic one are:

  •         Import necessary J2EE modules
  •         Static project has to be converted to a dynamic one
  •         A new server has to be created
  •         Create a mail Servlet
  •         Make sure that you have J2EE security
  •         Make use of  special page templates
  •         Run code review to ensure security rules are maintained

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String lights

String lights – The best and the easiest way to enhance your outdoor sitting.

String lights are not something which is entirely new, however since it can be used in myriads of ways for decoration; it has never lost its beauty and uniqueness. However the fact that it is extremely flexible and can be used in many different ways can also be a thing of problem for many different people as many of us are not able to comprehend how to use it and how to make it go with other designs. You also need to show prudence while using it as wrongful use of it may jeopardize the whole style and décor of your house. String lights are especially brought in use in high numbers in outdoor sitting areas and one could give the credit of using the string lights in so many different ways to Dubai interior designers. SO here is a list of some of the ideas that would help you in designing the outdoor sitting of a house or a restaurant:

  •         Bottle-full string lights

This is definitely a very unique way to use string lights to create the perfect cool effect that will make you feel as if you are in a party. Making it is also very easy, as you all need to do is drill up a hole at the bottom of the bottle and then put in the string lights. To add more style you can use multiple bottles of different colors either together or in the corners of your outdoor sitting area. This will create an extremely beautiful effect especially in the night.

  •         Write up with light

This is a very unique way of using the string lights and makes your outdoor sitting area noticeable from a far away distance too. To write something using sting lights, first of all you need to sketch some

Hollywood smile in Dubai

Best ways to take care of your teeth.

Almost everyone  today wants to look good and stand out of the crowd and a healthy white smile can just do the trick. This is why you can find many of the people rushing to their dentists to get different dental treatments just to alter the appearance of their smile. There are many renowned dentists who can help you get a Hollywood smile in Dubai as well. But besides making your smile attractive, a dentist can do a lot many things to maintain your health. According to latest research, your oral health can very well determine the overall condition of your body. It is proven that if you visit your dentist regularly, then he/she can tell you a lot about your overall health, including that you may or may not develop a disease like diabetes in the near future. Therefore, keeping up with a good oral health will not only help you in preventing dental health issues, but will also aid in getting a healthy physical body.

There are many ways to maintain a a good oral health, besides customary visits to your dentists. Some of the best includes:

  • Brushing: Brushing your teeth daily is the most fundamental way to keep up a good oral health. If you suffer with a serious tooth or gum problem, your dentist might recommend brushing your teeth every time after you eat something. But normally, you should brush twice a day, after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. You must choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head for a better access to back teeth. Also choose a fluoride toothpaste as it hardens the enamel and protects the tooth from decaying. Brush in circular movements thoroughly for at least 2 minutes.
Hollywood smile in Dubai

Hollywood Smile Dubai

  • Floss:


Ways To Prevent Gum Diseases.

Periodontal or gum disease is a common disease that many suffer from in one form or the other. The gum disease may range from simple inflammation of the gum to more serious ones in which one may be bound to lose teeth. Factors contributing to periodontal disease may be poor oral health hygiene, smoking, diabetes, stress, substance abuse and even the use of certain medications.

Onset of Gum Disease

The disease of the gums, known as periodontitis, eventually may loosen the teeth that will have to be removed. Dental implants in Dubai are available for those who have had gum disease and in the process lost teeth.

The mildest form of reversible gum disease is known as gingivitis where the gums become red and swollen and bleed during brushing. If left untreated, the plague spreads and grows below the gum line. This case of gum disease – periodontitis can be rectified by improving the oral hygiene.

But if left untreated or unattended, the bacteria present in the plaque can produce toxins leading to advanced periodontitis. Ultimately, the tissues and the bones which support the teeth are destroyed, and the teeth may have to be removed.

Warning Signs

One may not even know that there is any gum disorder until it has advanced too far. These warning signs should not be ignored:

  • Red, swollen and tender gums
  • Bleeding gums while brushing
  • Bad breath
  • Formation of pus between the gums and the teeth
  • Loose teeth

Preventing Gum Disease

While a visit to the dentist is necessary, oral hygiene should begin at home by following an oral hygiene program – one that includes the regular care of the teeth and gums.

  • Brushing the teeth at least twice a day is a must. One should take care to use fluoridated toothpaste while brushing to